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Getting 90 minutes with me and my team costs NGN50,000 | GH₵500 | KSh4,500 | R650 | $100. But what if we can help you solve any problem or challenge you are facing now FOR FREE?

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Ask Us Anything Across Business Development & Business Growth Areas


Sample BUSINESS PLANNING & STRATEGY problems we have solved in the past:

  • My business is not working, what should I move to?
  • How do I price my product for maximum profit?
  • How do I know what’s moving in the market? etc


Sample MARKETING & SALES problems we have solved in the past:

  • What type of content should I create?
  • My ad is not generating sales, what do I do?
  • We are generating leads but these people are not buying, what do we do?
  • I run an XXX type of company, what strategy should I use to generate sales?
  • We are launching a new product line, we are looking to achieve X, Y & Z, how do we maximize the budget we have?


Sample BUSINESS STRUCTURE & SMOOTH BUSINESS OPERATIONS problems we have solved in the past:

  • How do I get my staff to deliver at their best?
  • I seem to be doing 90% of the work despite having staffs, how do I solve this?
  • Our business is so unorganised, where and how do I even start structuring my business?
  • We are having too many complaints from customers about deliveries, we have tried all we can, but we are not getting it right, what do we do?
  • Please work with us to design an organogram that best reflect how our company work force should be set up for the best result


Sample TECHNOLOGY & SMOOTH DIGITAL LEVERAGE problems we have solved in the past:

  • We need a technology that helps some of our staff work remotely and effectively
  • What technology can we set up to improve the sales and service delivery experience for our customers
  • We need a POS system that helps us reduce food theft
  • What’s the best way for us to deploy a loyalty reward system that integrate into the customer management system we already have


Sample GENERAL BUSINESS LONG TERM GROWTH problems we have solved in the past:

  • We are pitching for this business grant competition, and we need you to professionally look at this like a judge and help point out things that raise questions
  • We are expanding to Kenya, we need you to work with us on understanding that market and planning the best way to penetrate
  • We are looking to launch a new academy as part of our strategic goal to empower new workforce and create new source of income, we need you to work with us to smoothly deploy this without causing disruption to our core business operations.

The best and fastest-growing organization leverages the best minds to understand their problems, research their solution and build a smooth plan for the implementation of the solution. Stop trying to figure it all alone!

My Name is Oluwamayowa

  • I lead this business consulting personal brand alongside other smart & passionate business development consultant
  • I’ve been consulting for business, brands and ventures for close to a decade
  • I’m a co-host on the Business Banter Business show on Beat FM
  • I’ve been awarded numerous awards from multiple brands, both local and global.

My amazing team and I are ready to help your business drive the growth it needs.

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Things To Note:
  • Our consulting sessions are not typically over Whatsapp, they are over a virtual call, however, we are running this initial first session over Whatsapp to allow us accommodate as many businesses.
  • If you would just rather have us work with you on a one on one actual consulting session, please see our offers here.
  • All information you share with us are kept as private and will only be used for the sake of your business growth consulting engagement with us.
  • This free session is given just once per business!

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