You can be this happy about your business in the next 30 days

Join me on a 30-days digital business growth challenge that’s designed to help drive sales and visibility for your business.

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What you will learn in 30 days:


You will get a daily short tutorial on how to use simple digital tools (that you can use with your smartphone) to grow each area of your business


You will get a simple task of the day.


You will have access to a support forum where you can share your work for review or ask questions whenever you feel stuck.


Watch your business acquire new customers in ways you have never imagined.


See your business save cost, increase profit and run more smoothly without all the headache you are currently dealing with.



  • Dissatisfied with the way your business is?
  • Tired of competitors who seem to know the business ropes and hacks in the digital age winning over you?
  • Exhausted with taking short courses/ programs here and there that end up not making so much impact?
  • Tired of searching endlessly for useful tools that can aid the processes of your business?
I want to join the 30-days Challenge

Here is what you GET DONE FOR YOUR BUSINESS AT the challenge

How to manage inventory easily

Taking photograph of your products without needing a photographer

Building a basic website for your business without paying a web developer a dime

Putting your product and services where your customers are already searching for it.

Writing and designing a brochure to show case your services. + How to know your ideal customer!

Managing your accounting without knowing all those scary/boring accounting terms

Running ads yourself at the basic level and still getting results.

Getting content creation right without killing yourself over it

Turning your Whatsapp into a POWERFUL customer relationship management tool

Serving more customers (because you don’t spend time doing mundane things anymore)

All of this using ONLY YOUR SMARTPHONE + Simple, tested and working strategies!
  • You get a simple tutorial show you how to do them the right way (without breaking the bank)
  •  You get a clear task to show you what to do.
  • You show what you have done on the support forum or ask questions if you feel stuck.
  • Watch your business grow and watch yourself be a smarter and more bold business owner.

We Designed Seperate Activities to Fit your Type of Business

Product Business: This version of the challenge is for you if you sell products. From fashion items, to food items, office utensils, beauty products, medical equipments, arts and craft or any type of product business.

It has activities that are specific to your business type like product inventory, writing your product description to entice sales, taking pictures for your products e.t.c.

Service Business: This version of the challenge is for you if you offer services. From accounting, to house cleaning, plumbing, photography, event management, interiors decor or any type of business that offer services (and not a physically held products).

It has activities like designing your brochure to showcase your work, designing landing pages to collects leads, managing your service availability with simple booking systems e.t.c.

Why you Should Join the 30 Days Challenge and in Fact 30 Days After:

 Marketing Resources

You will have access to resources and support to help you get better at marketing and running smoother operations all with the right digital tools

Daily Action Steps

Every learning will cut across all the important aspects of any type of business (whether product or service based)

Access to Q&A

And in fact, 30 days after that, you are free to ask any question or request for help or clarity if you feel stuck anywhere.

They Can't Be Wrong

The Structure of the 30 Days Challenge

  • The areas we promised above that you will learn are divided intelligently into daily activities for 30 days
  • You determine your start date, if you buy the challenge now, you have access right away! (I honestly don’t know why you want to procrastinate)

  • You have 1 day of REST for every 6 days of activity.
  • Yes, we know life might happen and other deals; customers and business activities might make you miss some days. Don’t worry, you have access for life!!
  • Meaning you can continue from where you stop if other things call your attention.
  • This also means you can choose to spend 4 days on a particular task if you think you need more time to get things done (e.g if you need to do a task that tells you to take your product pictures with your phone or to design a brochure to showcase all your services and rates)


Get this all for $25 (USD) | N10,000 (NGN) |  R 390 (ZAR) |  £19 (GBP)
I'm ready, sign me up

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does This Start?

It’s readily available. You can start the challenge immediately you pay.

How Will You Support Me As I Take This Challenge?

We have experts readily available on the support forum to answer all your questions.

At What Level Should My Business Be Before I Take This Challenge?

Any level of business is welcome, both new and existing. You can skip days that talks about what you have already figured out in your business.

What if this program doesn't meet my expectation?

We have a 24 hours money back guarantee, meaning, if you buy the access, and then find out it won’t be as helpful as you think, simply email us for a refund within 24 hours of your purchase. 

How do i know this is legit?

With thousands of businesses we have interacted with, you can be sure that you are in same hands Also, we have been written about by different credible sources.  We also go to events where we meet business owners like you and have one on one conversations on how having the right ‘digital sense’ can help grow their business.

What if i need to talk to someone before purchase, how do i reach out?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please use the chat feature on this page or email us as stated below.

I Don't Have Time To Do This Myself, Can You Help Me Do This All Instead.

We understand you might be busy.  What we can do is to, assign a competent digital business manager to help you do this all.  This is however usually way more expensive!  If you prefer this option, please let us know through this contact form –

My business has grown past the basic, i need something more advanced, like a high level consultant.

We understand you might be busy.  We understand you might be busy.  What we can do is to, assign a competent digital business manager to help you do this all.  This is however usually way more expensive! 

For other questions or inquiries

 Please message / DM us here or email us

hello [at]