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My Offerings For Bigger Ventures & Tech Startups


These are offers for bigger companies, established ventures and funded tech startups.

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Strategic Planning (Marketing, Operations, Transformation & Technology)

Need Strategy Consulting Around:

  • Business Strategy, Market Data Interpretation
  • Business Plan Design
  • Business Model Canvas Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Product Messaging
  • GTM Strategy & Product Launch Strategy
  • Marketing (Social Media, Paid Ads, Email, Funnels, SEO)
  • Sales Strategy & Sales Process Design
  • Mapping Out KPIs and OKRs For Key Business Functions
  • Designing Structures & Tools To Track KPIs & OKRs
  • Performance Marketing & Growth Analysis
  • Operations Excellence Analysis
  • Business Operations Structure Design
  • SOP and Operations Checklist Design
  • ERP Integration Into Business Operations Workflow
  • Business Long-Term Transformation Strategy Design
  • Transformation Strategy Implementation Plan
  • Business Change Management

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Training, Keynote Speaker Engagement.

Looking for a hands-on expert to train, speak or join a panel session on topics around:

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Startup
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Technology and AI


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Fractional Head Of Growth

Let me make your venture/startup success story happen.

I bring all my years of experience across strategy, marketing, sales, operations and technology to drive actual growth for your venture.

What You Get:

  1. Design of your GTM Strategy
  2. Setting up a stellar growth team
  3. I oversee the product messaging
  4. I oversee the content and social media marketing strategy
  5. I oversee the paid marketing and highly participate in the ads plan strategy development
  6. I direct the public perception and communications
  7. I work with the team to constantly talk to customers to help get your product more in tune with solving the real problem they have
  8. Track the performance through key analytics tools to know what’s working, what needs optimization and where growth effort should be directed at
  9. I design experiments, A/B testing and frameworks to uncover new frontiers
  10. Finally, I explore new ways of monetization and value offering by collaborating with the key stakeholders in the company.

Engagement starts at $3,000 monthly.

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