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These are offers for career navigators and those looking to build careers in tech and digital skills.

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Basic Tech Literacy Course

Are you wondering what this whole Tech thing is.

I have created a short course that gives you a quick crash course on everything tech.

  • What is tech
  • What do you see around that is tech
  • How to find the tech tools to make your life, career or business better
  • Ways to start a career in tech if that interests you
  • And many more.

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Digital Business Management Course

As the world moves away from the brick-and-mortar type of business, digital is paving the way for new ways to run businesses. Similarly, what a business manager needs to know now is different from the past.

This super course with over 30+ modules covers learning to build digital skills.

See the rating given to this course by CourseMarks UK.

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Career Clarity & Support

Whether it’s to get your first job, to transition to a new job, or to work your way up to senior level where you work?

Through this service, I work with you to make a career headway.

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Free Udemy " Complete Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery " Course

11 hours ⏲️ 98 Lessons 📂

You will get:
📷Ethical Hacking and
📷Many more...

To get access, simply:
1. Like & Retweet
2. Comment “Cyber”
3. Follow me @JvShah124

The end of the month means it is REPORT O'CLOCK!
Here are some Tech tools that would make writing reports less stressful and more easier.

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