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These are offers for career navigators and those looking to build careers in tech and digital skills.

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Basic Tech Literacy Course

Are you wondering what this whole Tech thing is.

I have created a short course that gives you a quick crash course on everything tech.

  • What is tech
  • What do you see around that is tech
  • How to find the tech tools to make your life, career or business better
  • Ways to start a career in tech if that interests you
  • And many more.

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Digital Business Management Course

As the world moves away from the brick-and-mortar type of business, digital is paving the way for new ways to run businesses. Similarly, what a business manager needs to know now is different from the past.

This super course with over 30+ modules covers learning to build digital skills.

See the rating given to this course by CourseMarks UK.

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Career Clarity & Support

Whether it’s to get your first job, to transition to a new job, or to work your way up to senior level where you work?

Through this service, I work with you to make a career headway.

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This is What Matters!
When you want to Choose a Skill Certification platform:


Course Quality: Is the learning material well-designed, informative, and current?

Time Commitment: Be honest with yourself about how much time you can realistically dedicate.

Do you know that Tech careers offer flexibility!

Many roles, like software developers or content creators, can be done remotely or in a hybrid model meaning you can work from home or the office, whichever suits you best!

#TechCareers #FutureofWork

A wise man once said, you can't lose all 365 days in a year.

So, go again and go harder.

Give it all you have got.
You will see result soon.


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Dreaming of a career in #ContentMarketing? Here are the key skills you'll need to master:

#Writing : You'll craft clear, concise & engaging content that captivates your audience.

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HRs and CEOs are hating the Nigerian FG right now with this unnecessary and unproductive culture of gazillion holidays.

Kuku declare the whole week now😄

Feeling overwhelmed by #tech tools? 

You're not alone! Here's a cheat sheet to pick the right ones for your needs:

Meetings & Communication: Zoom, Meet, Teams - perfect for remote collaboration! 

What is your favourite tech tool?
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