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First, What Is A Structured & Scalable Business?

A well-structured and scalable business is what is called a solid business.
A solid business is a business that is on the right path to growth and won’t likely be moved or crashed by any issues rising internally and externally.  Here are 4 main things a solid business is characterised by. 

Uniquely Solving A Problem For A Clearly Defined Lucrative Market

It all starts with the problem you are solving, how uniquely you are solving it, and then how big that market is (meaning, what’s the most amount of money you can make providing that solution).

Have An Ingenious & Affordable Approach To Getting New Customers

If you make the best and most healthy yoghurt and don’t know how to get enough customers to buy it, you will not have enough revenue to keep the business running, customers are the real drivers of business.

Have Documented, Constantly Optimized Processes To Deliver Services That Make Customers Come Back For More

A business that has a huge % of first-time customers that comes back shows that you have a working business. This means you are serving good quality offerings meeting the customer’s needs. 

Have A System Of Compliance That Ensures You Don’t Lose The Business Due To Some Negligence 

You don’t want to lose your business and all the years of work to any avoidable internal or external factor: theft, government regulations, licence and approval etc

Know Where You Stand!

You probably already know where you stand by seeing the four things above. Let’s however get into the test and know exactly what your ratings are!

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