The Complete Digital Business Growth & Management SUPER Course

Learn how to use digital skills, tools and strategies to manage and grow businesses. Be that next hot and rushed digital guru! – IN JUST 1 FULL COMPLETE SUPER COURSE

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It’s time for you to be a digital guru and get paid big for helping businesses grow.

  • You don’t need any previous experience 
  • The courses are thought without any assumption of previous knowledge 
  • You don’t need a laptop to take the courses or deliver some of your digital guru services
  • Plunge into a huge huge opportunity available locally and internationally as a digital guru
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Here Are Areas This SUPER Course Covers

This SUPER Course has 36 standalone courses right inside, all put into 6 categories

General Digital Business Understanding

First set of courses are designed to help you understand the basics. This is where you get grounded on the basics. From understanding customers to Crafting a Business Value Proposition etc.

Mini Website Creation Course

Here, you will see courses that teach you how to create a simple non-techy website. So you can help businesses display their offers.

Social Media Management

From learning how to create social media accounts, to creating content, designing eye-catchy designs and videos and everything that empowers you to help businesses rock the social media space.

Running Online Ads

Here you will see courses that train you on how to help businesses drive sales online through professional Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Email Marketing

Email is powerful; here you will see courses that train you on how to use email to communicate with customers, close customers and increase sales.

Business Management With Digital

From managing accounting, to managing customers and tasks. Here you will learn how to use digital tools to manage business activities.

Can I send you the full list of all the 35+ Courses Included In This Super Course?

Who Should Take My Complete Digital Business Growth & Management SUPER Course



You are a student, and you want to have a high-income skill to turn your extra time into cash.


You are a graduate and looking for a job, but you want to get a skill that will earn you money before a job comes through. (Who knows you might not need to get a job anymore.

Stay-At-Home Mum/Dad/Uncle/Aunt

You're a stay-at-home mum, dad or uncle who is taking care of children or for elder ones, but need a skill that will allow you to work from home and earn some money.

Plan To Relocate

You are looking to ‘move abroad’ and don’t want to do the usual cleaning job, and you are looking for skills to learn that will make you money.

Have An Edge

You have a real job, but want to make yourself more competitive by being digital savvy.

Passionate About Helping Business

You are passionate about helping businesses grow and just need the right skills to help you fulfil your passion.


You want to earn in dollars working with people in other countries as a freelancer.

Improve Relevance

You want to be relevant in this digital economy.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About This Super Course

“This course changed everything for me. I have always loved the whole digital thing, and always so jealous to see other people make money from it. I took this course, and in just 1 week, I landed a gig with a business to manage their online presence.
Not only did I exceed the expectation of the client, I was able to contribute to the other business side from all what I learnt from the course about building and managing a great business. This course is more than just all those usual digital courses, this is a whole school put into a SUPER COURSE.”

Oluwaseun A.

“I run a cake shop and I got this course to help my own business. I am totally shocked at how this course was so easy to follow even for me as a business owner. The Google courses produced results for me faster. In just 1 and half weeks, I closed my first client on Google My Business. Now I’m trying all the tools and apps you explained to manage other parts of my business. Thank you for being that last stop that totally helped my business.”

SugarSmith Cakes
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Hi, I’m Oluwamayowa Oshidero

I’m a Strategy Consultant & Growth Analyst renowned for my unique & resourceful ability to strategically use global data-driven approaches and best practices to blend growth strategies with unique, innovative implementation approaches to deliver an outstanding result.

I have experience doing various contract work for brands like BBC Connected Studio UK, Emirates Holiday Nigeria, Sunway Estate, SmartFarm, Lifemate Furniture, VelocityNG, Tristate Hospital, University of Lagos, Seed of Life Schools, and many more.

I actively deliver training and masterclasses; I have done that for brands like Google Digital Skills Program, Facebook, She Leads Africa, Social Media Week Lagos, NYSC SAED, Wennovation Hub, United Nations SME Intervention program, EZGrowthSchool, and many more.

I am the CEO of Equilibrium Zone, a company building systems and infrastructure required to scale startups and SMEs that are creating solutions for an economically balanced world.

My works have been featured by Google Africa, Tribune Newspaper, BusinessDayNg, Mauvelli, and more.

In my free time, I create knowledge products on platforms like Udemy,, etc, all of which have gathered more than 3,000 students across those platforms. One of my signature courses was rated Top 1% amongst 94,000+ courses evaluated by CourseMarks, UK.

You Are In Safe Hands

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See what people who moved countries are saying

This is a course that will put you on top, and give you skills that are globally relevant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

When you purchase the course, I will send you an email with how to access the course through an easy-to-use platform.

Is it for a limited time only?

No, you have access to the course for LIFE!

Can I Download This Course To Watch Later?

Yes! You can download an app, then when you sign in, you have access to the course on the app, you can go to a place with a good internet connection or WIFI, you download all the course to your app, then you can watch later even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Do I need a laptop to access the course?

No, you don’t. Having a smartphone is just enough.

Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes, you get a certificate signed by me and accredited by a course platform.

If you do not like this course after you get access and you reach me back within 24 hours, I will refund your money!

It’s time to invest in yourself and acquire skills that are globally relevant!

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