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Week 1: Business planning and strategy development

Activities will be around understanding business strategy, building a business plan and also some lessons around knowing what sector of the market to focus on.


Week 2: Business positioning and branding

Activities will be around understanding business positioning and branding. Understanding how to look and appeal to the customers you have decided to create value for.

Week 3: Pricing and value creation

Activities will be around understanding how to price your product or service appropriately putting into consideration all the production costs. There would also be activities around other channels of your business that can generate revenue apart from the product or service you currently run.

Week 4: Marketing & Sales: `Creating a marketing plan

Activities will centre around bringing all the work done around understanding your customer, but now to create a plan to market to them. We will touch on organic marketing channels (social media, email, partnership etc) and then paid marketing channels (online ads, radio, TV, newspaper, etc). Each of these channels will be broken down and you will be guided to know which will work mostly for your business.

Week 5: Marketing & Sales: `Running a paid marketing to drive leads

While social media and other organic marketing might take a while (i.e. you don’t start posting today and expect inquiries or sales today), paid ads are the quickest way of getting in front of your potential customer. This week, we will talk extensively about paid ads and then run some test marketing ads for your business, with the goal that by the end of the week, you will have actual customer inquiries.

Week 6: Marketing & Sales: `Leads Management, Closing & Sales

Most business owners put so much effort into acquiring leads (i.e customer inquiries), then when those inquiries come, they either don’t follow up enough, or they even forget those that have requested a service or product from them. This week, we will have activities around managing your leads, starting from the leads we got last week.

Week 7: Team management & business structuring

As your business starts to grow, you start to move from a 1 one business down to a 3, 5, 10, 20 man business. This week, we will have activities around how to manage a team and structure your business. From understanding SOP, to staff policies, building a great team culture and more.

Week 8: Long-term growth planning

As we start to close out this boot camp, this week’s activity will be centred around planning for your long-term business growth. 1 year from now, 2 years from now, 3 years from now and even further. Here we will talk about possible expansion plans, capital and investment you might need into the business etc.

Week 9: Business compliance & Financing

This will be the last week of learning and a business expert within each business area will be invited to lead sessions around each of these topics. 

    1. Monday – Accounting 
    2. Tuesday – Taxation 
    3. Wednesday – Legal 
    4. Thursday – Understanding Business Investment 
    5. Friday – How To Source, Apply & Write Applications for Grant

Week 10: Graduation week

1 Week of Support, Reviewing any take-home assignment repeated, wrapping it up, sharing success stories, networking and collaborating with other program colleagues, graduation, certificates and awards.

About The Program

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Choosing the entrepreneurship path is you deciding to forgo a fancy career to face the tough and lonely path of building a business which you hope will become a big deal years from now. You owe it to yourself to do it right as early as possible!

The Oluwamayowa Oshidero Young Entrepreneurs Business Growth Academy is an intense 10-week fully virtual boot camp for young business owners and founders to learn the key rudiments of running a well-structured business that is highly valuable. This virtual boot camp covers practical knowledge and hands-on exercises around the key areas of growing a business BEYOND the skill.

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₦10,000/$20 weekly for 10 weeks

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