Startup Mentorship, Business Growth Strategy & Structure Design

Looking for a result backed business strategist to lead the way of your business’ next level growth? Tap into Oluwamayowa's years of experience championing business strategy and guiding startups to growth.

Growing A Business Is No Easy Feat

You are constantly working to drive meaningful growth amidst competition, constantly evolving customer needs and behaviours, economic policy, global situations, technology evolution, human resource evolution, and many more.

Beyond this, as a startup founder, business owner or business leader, you are constantly faced with making strategic decisions: When to launch your product, when to kick off marketing, when to cut back on some things, when and how to raise funds, what operations structure to adopt, what your long term vision and goal should be and many more.

In all this, having a competent consultant like me work with you gives you both an objective view of your strategic approach also the implementation plan and structure are based on what really works.

My Competencies

Business Strategy & Innovation

  • Business Strategy, Market Data Interpretation
  • Business Plan Design
  • Business Model Canvas Design
  • Product Strategy


Marketing & Customer Acquisition

  • Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Product Messaging
  • GTM Strategy & Product Launch Strategy
  • Marketing (Social Media, Paid Ads, Email, Funnels, SEO)
  • Sales Strategy & Sales Process Design


Business Performance & Data Driven Growth

  • Mapping Out KPIs and OKRs For Key Business Functions
  • Designing Structures & Tools To Track KPIs & OKRs
  • Performance Marketing & Growth Analysis
  • Operations Excellence Analysis


Business Operations Structuring

  • Business Operations Structure Design
  • SOP and Operations Checklist Design
  • ERP Integration Into Business Operations Workflow


Business Sustainability & Long Term Growth

  • Business Long-Term Transformation Strategy Design
  • Transformation Strategy Implementation Plan
  • Business Change Management


See Past Startup Mentorship & Speaking Event Delivered

Option 1: A 1-1 Session

For 90 minutes, we can talk through your business, review the current stage and create a quick strategy for growth.

Cost: $100 | ₦50,000 | GH₵500 | KSh4500 | R7500 PER 90 Minutes

One-on-one sessions are usually great to speak to me about your business challenge, I will also get to ask you the hard questions and challenge your current position and situation.

Then we can figure out a way.

90 Minutes session is at $100 | ₦50,000 | GH₵500 | KSh4500 | R7500

If you can afford it, I will say you should

  1. Book a 90-minute session for us to talk about the problem, usually, I will give you a take-home task to work on.
  2. Then you book another session for us to talk through what you have worked on, or key things you have had to go think about, so that we can map a solution and way forward.

If you are, however, on a budget, you can book a 90-minute session and then request that I split it 45 minutes each.

Wondering what then happen after this initial strategy session?

If you need me to work with you on the implementation of any of the strategies, here is what to expect:

  • We will talk through the deliverables
  • I would estimate the amount of time that I will be committing to making each happen
  • The billing will simply be based on the time i.e if I estimate 6 hours, that’s 90 minutes in 4 places. So you will be billed $100 |  ₦50,000 | GH₵500 | KSh4500 | R7500 x 4.

Option 2: Send Me A Brief

Fill the contact form below

Let me know about your intention.


We will confirm booking details

A member of my team will reach out to confirm the details.


Consulting Activity Commences

I proceed to the consulting activity, interacting with you and your business leadership team where necessary.



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